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(Please call Red Oak TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-617-7632)

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We provide Red Oak TX wildlife removal of squirrel, bobcat, rats, beaver, possum, bird and armadillo. In addition, we also provide raccoon removal, squirrel trapping, bat exclusion, rodent control, feces removal, dead animal retrieval, sanitation, and repair and clean up. For inquiries, questions and requests for appointments, don’t hesitate to call our operators.

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Red Oak TXWildlife in Red Oak

Red Oak continues to experience suburban growth, with consistent population increase in the past couple of years. With population of around eleven thousand, it is even projected to have a population to as much as sixty thousand in the next fifteen years. The city is made up of all land at 7.8 square miles. It is near the major cities such as Dallas, Lancaster, Duncanville and DeSoto. Red Oak has significant areas of wooded lots, nature parks and hiking trail.

Red Oak TX wildlife removal company

Raccoon removal in Red Oak TX

Some home owners resort to frightening equipments or repellent devices to scare away raccoons. This procedures are not recommended because they mostly temporarily or not all. Buying such devices would just be a waste of resources and an expense that does not provide a longtime solution to raccoon entry. Gadgets that make noise emit lights or some kind of temperature can also be dangerous to other members in your household. You should just call a wildlife company for professional and useful advice to remove raccoons.

Bat removal in Red Oak Texas

A lot of residents work on some ways to catch bats inside their house. Some try to isolate the wildlife mammal, by closing all other access areas and then letting the bat leave on its own. Others try to trap the bat with cans or containers. These are actually not recommended since it can attack without a warning. Also, you may injure the bat and its blood may unknowingly squirt into your eyes, nose or mouth. Bats are disease vectors of fatal viruses like malaria, dengue among many others because of the insects they eat. Don’t attempt ‘DIY’ methods but just call a wildlife trapper to help you remove the bat safely.

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Squirrel removal in Red Oak TX

The squirrels’ major characteristic is their good sense of vision. This can be attributed to the squirrels’ extraordinarily large eyes. This primarily helps the squirrels to see a good scope of their surroundings for nuts and seeds. It also gives the squirrels a faster way to find trees hollows, burrows and paths when they store their food or when they try to escape threats of large predators.

Rat removal in Red Oak Texas

Rats inside a commercial establishment and house is unsanitary. More so, it is unhealthy and puts everyone in the building into risk of virus transmission and getting ill. Most states and local authorities in the country have legislation and regulation regarding cleanliness. Keeping away rodents, removing rats and preventing its return is a primary concern for authorities since in history rats have the capability to spread deadly diseases. You can contact us for rat control, mice removal and rodent extraction.

We also provide animal wildlife trapping of squirrel, beaver, raccoons, snakes, bats, bobcat, rats, armadillo, opossum, birds, and skunk. For full Red Oak wildlife services, we also provide home restoration, sealing of animal entry, sanitation, animal damage repair, dead animal removal, decontamination, clean wildlife wastes, remove animal foul odor.

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