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(Please call Southlake TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 817-748-8400)

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If you require Southlake TX wildlife removal of armadillo, beaver, bats, snakes and bobcats, just call one of our specialists on the line. We also have specialist for skunk, possum, rats, squirrel, raccoon, rodents and other species from the woods and wildlife of Texas. We’re members of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, an association of wildlife companies, professionals and trappers in the country. You can be assured that we’re licensed in removal procedures and follow humane standards in retrieval and relocation of wildlife animals in Southlake. Call us now!

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Photo Credit: "TownSquare" Public Domain via Commons.

Photo Credit: “TownSquare” Public Domain via Commons.

Wildlife in Southlake

Southlake Texas is made up mostly land at 21.9 square miles land, with 0.6 square miles water. It is located within Tarrant County, with some areas in Denton County. The area was founded in 1840 by pioneers and settlers. Throughout the years, because of its proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, it had continuing economic growth as businesses, schools and recreational centers was developed. The city has several large companies such as Verizon Wireless, Keller Williams, Sabre Holdings and Carroll ISD. Nearby communities to Southlake are Grapevine, Keller, Colleyville and North Richland Hills. There are more than 1,200 acres of acres of open parks and nature preservation, with more than six miles of park trails. Some of the most visited places are Bob Jones Nature Center & Preserve, Noble Oaks Park and Royal & Annie Smith Park.

Southlake TX wildlife removal company

Raccoon removal in Southlake Texas

Dealing with raccoons would require concentrated strategies before it can be successfully removed and prevented from coming back. For instance raccoons like to climb in chimneys to enter a house; you may want to install a tough heavy chimney cap to block the entry of the animal. Also you may want to repair damaged walls and close the holes in attics and upper rooms. These are the common house areas in Southlake where raccoons enter.

Squirrel removal in Southlake TX

Squirrels have many other closely related tribes and sub species. For one, the wildlife creature is related to dormouse, beavers and rodents. These animals also share traits and physiological behaviors with rodents like rats and mouse. The squirrels are said to have evolved from as far back as the Eocene period. The squirrels have a general physical appearance of bushy thick tails and velvety soft brown hair. Their fur may have color variations and streaks of black, white, orange and red.

Bat removal in Southlake Texas

When bats go into their sleep or hibernation, they achieve deep stupor and would look as if their sick or cold dead. However, if they are disturbed, the bats may hiss and then bring out their teeth. If a bat is in torpid state, it my tale as long as an hour before they warm up their body and start to move and fly from their roost. It’s not a good idea to disturb bats in their sleep. If you’ve found bats inside your home, you may want to ask a wildlife company to help you out.

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Skunk removal in Southlake TX

A frequently seen species of skunk is the striped skunk. These wildlife Texas creatures live in solitary nature and mostly become very active at night. Some skunks can be seen during the day on rare occasion sometimes in the early morning or late afternoon. During the rest of the day, skunks sleep on their burrows, usually an underground cave in, fallen tree, timber or log. Skunks may also sleep in house crawlspaces and empty vehicles in garage of households.

Beaver removal in Southlake Texas

Beavers are related to rodent species and similarly share behaviors and traits such as its gnawing nature. The beaver is considered to be a large rodent in the U.S. Its size can range from 3 to 4 feet, some even reaching 5 feet. It can weigh around 30 to 65 pounds. The size of beavers in Texas may vary depending on its age, gender and health condition. Typically beavers are stocky and muscular in nature, with red brown to brownish black fur covering their body.

For other dangerous species in Southlake TX, we remove opossum, squirrel, rats, birds, snakes, bobcat, beaver, bats, raccoons, armadillo, skunk. We also provide wildlife control solutions like decontamination, animal body removal, house damage restoration, sanitation, sealing of animal entry, clean-up animal wastes, remove animal smell.

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