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(Please call Prosper TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-347-2226)

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If you need Prosper TX wildlife removal on various species from the wild, look no further. We have expert staff that can remove different kinds of animals, however dangerous they can be. Some of the animals we can handle are snakes, bobcats, raccoon, skunk, squirrel, possums and more. Sometimes residents in Prosper Texas don’t know the type of species trapped in their home. Just call our number so we can help you in wildlife management.

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Prosper TXWildlife in Prosper

Prosper Texas shares areas in Denton County and Collin County, where it makes up around 22.6 square miles of land, with only 0.23 square miles of water. As its name suggest, it is an affluent suburb part of the Dallas-Fort worth Metro Area. It is located in the north of Texas, around 6 miles of Frisco. The city’s name initial name was ‘Richland’ but ‘Prosper’ was suggested by JC Slaughter to postmaster BJ Naugle sometime in the early 1900’s when the crops became abundant. The area continues to experience economic growth in the modern times, but have since kept its wide space and country atmosphere. You can easily see rolling terrains, large family hime lots and lines of trees. Quite notable is the significant number of equestrian farms around the area. There are more than 350 acres of open space and 15 miles of hiking trail in Prosper. Some of the popular attractions are Pecan Grove Park, Hays Park, Folsom Park and Cedar Park.

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Bat removal in Prosper Texas

There are many causes why bats stay in households. Some bats are lost when daylight comes and it needs to immediately find a shelter. Yet there are also migratory bats still looking for natural habitat and they might find an attic or an empty room sufficient for their roosting needs. If you find bats, don’t panic and try to remove it immediately. It would be better if you call a wildlife company to handle the mammal to avoid injury to yourself and also to avoid hurting the animal

Squirrel removal in Prosper TX

Squirrels can be found almost anywhere in the United States. Its most common natural habitats are the rainforest, tropical jungle, woodlots, grasslands and semi arid desert. You may not find squirrels in extremely cold regions. Squirrels are mostly herbivorous and enjoy nuts, seeds and small fruits. It’s rare for squirrels to eat vertebrates and have not been known to prey other animals. In winter and early spring when there’s not much plants ye outdoors, squirrels however may resort to insects and small vertebrates.

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Raccoon removal in Prosper Texas

The raccoon can find their way inside a home by squeezing into ripped walls, ceilings or roofs. They can use any unoccupied area in the house, but they mostly settle down in decks, crawlspace, attics and porches. You may ask a raccoon specialist to help you install welded wire mesh or steel screens to block any access point of the raccoon. Raccoons are persistent and would sometimes seek other areas enter a home like the chimney, a pet door or a vent. Wildlife companies have expert on prevention and they may help you install proofing devices to prevent further entry of raccoons.

Skunk removal in Prosper TX

The young skunks usually stay with mother skunks for a couple of weeks (12 to 14 weeks), before it can be able to go on its own. Skunks are mostly solitary throughout the year and live on their own as they search for food and shelter. In their mating season sometime in January to March, skunks start to seek others on the opposite sex for breeding. Skunks however may fall to fierce predators in wildlife notably bobcats, coyotes, hawks, fox and great horned owls.

We also provide wildlife removal of armadillo, rats, bobcat, beaver, raccoons, skunk, snakes, squirrel, bats, opossum, birds. Our other Prosper TX wildlife management solutions include cleaning of animal droppings, sanitation, and home repair, remove animal foul odor, and block animal entry, decontamination, animal carcass removal.

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