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Let one of our St. Johns County FL wildlife removals handle the troubles brought by wildlife creatures like birds, fox, opossum, armadillo, mole animal and rats. Critter should be part of every household and business facility to avoid disease and viruses that can be transmitted by wild animals.

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Photo Credit: “St. Augustine, FL, Courthouse, St. Johns County, 08-09-2010 (3)” by Georgia Guercio. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in St. Johns County

A known tourist destination in Florida, St. Johns County traces its history in the 1820’s as being of the two counties originally developed after Florida came under the United States government. Its name came from St. Johns River which is located at the western part of the border. Tourism is one of the primary economic sources, along with golf and country club resorts. The area has a fairly balanced geography with 602 square miles of land and around 220 square miles of water (making up 27%). Some of the notable attractions in St. Johns are the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve, Fort Matanzas National Monument and GTM Research Reserve Environmental Education Center. The area is a popular summer haven featuring areas that include salt marsh, barrier islands, coastal areas, estuarine lands, mangrove wetlands, coastal strands, tidal lagoons, offshore seas, dunes, pine flat woods, oyster beds and maritime hammock.

St. Johns County FL wildlife removal

Bat removal in St. Johns County FL

One of the diseases bats might transmit is rabies. There are rare cases of unprovoked biting incidents from bats that came from wildlife. If for some reason you were bitten accidentally, seek medical help as soon as possible. The bat may also need to be tested. Bat exclusion is just one of the most common procedures that can be done to remove and manage bats that enter households. Send us a message in St. Johns County for inquiries on bat removal.

Armadillo removal in St. Johns County FL

Aside from Mississippi, armadillos can also be seen in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and Missouri. The animal has expanded their range, trying to settle in states in the Northeast and Central of the U.S. The armadillos are able to expand their range because of little interest in its hunting and very few predators. In St. Johns, armadillos are a prime nuisance on garden owners. We receive numerous calls from residents to remove Florida armadillos.

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Coyote removal in St. Johns County FL

Coyotes seem to be able to live in modern city environment, being able to adapt quite easily. The animal is said to have around 20 or less subspecies in its order. There were no reports of large number of coyotes in the South America, though coyote said to have been seen in Panama Canal. St. Johns County has its share of coyote intrusions in properties and lawns. These wildlife creatures are difficult to retrieve because they are not tamed like a dog or cat and would often fight back.

Rat removal in St. Johns County FL

The muroid family includes members and species of rodents. Most of the time, these creatures are referred as ‘true rats’ which means it has the general traits and physiological habits of the rattus genus. The two important members of this group are the Rattus norvegicus and the Rattus rattus. These species are more known as the brown rat and the black rat in St. Johns County.

We also provide raccoon removal, armadillo removal, squirrel trapping, mole animal removal, animal damage repair, opossum removal, attic insulation, rat control, house insulation.

Other wildlife services include cleaning of animal wastes, animal carcass removal, decontamination, house repair, attic insulation, wildlife animal prevention, sanitation, bad smell removal, home restoration and sealing of access points.

We also provide wildlife control for the following creatures:  raccoons, skunk, fox, deer, birds, coyote, wild hogs, rats, snakes, mole animal, opossum, honey bees, squirrel, bats, armadillo, and other dangerous animals.

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Call us right now in St. Johns County Florida for wildlife management of the following: armadillos, squirrel, bats, mice, wild hogs, raccoon, bees, opossums, snakes, rats, and other creatures.

St. Johns County FL Wildlife Removal
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