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Solve wildlife problems with Sunnyvale TX wildlife removal experts. We have professionals that can handle rodents, skunk, squirrels, armadillo and snake. Our staff is experienced in removal and retrieval of different species. Our range of wildlife services include raccoon removal, beaver pond leveling, getting rid of bats, removal of possums, extraction of bobcat and many other various kinds of creatures from the Texas wildlife.

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Sunnyvale TXWildlife in Sunnyvale

A small rural town in Dallas County, Sunnyvale is made up of all land at 16.8 square miles. It is right along Lake Hubbard and has an extensive nature areas and parks. Some on the notable parks in the area include Robert Vineyard Park, Town Center Park, Jobson Park and Samuel Farm North Park. Sunnyvale has open air road, biking trails, walking paths, hiking trail, jogging path, rolling pastures, fresh meadows, wood lots and grasslands for leisure and recreation of locals and visitors.

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Bobcat removal in Sunnyvale Texas

There are many species of bobcats in the U.S. The physical trait of bobcats closely resembles that from the genus Lynx, but a bit smaller. The fur may vary depending on the species and tribe. The usual fur color however ranges from shades of brown, gray, dark mahogany, with streaks of patterns of black lines on their body. They may also have dark barks somewhere on the legs as well as on their tail. The spot patterns of bobcat species also come close as a camouflage to their immediate home range.

Possum removal in Sunnyvale TX

A certain trait home owners would want to know about possums is its nomadic and solitary behavior. They can easily adapt and stay in certain areas with an abundant of food and water. There are incidences where possums group together such as in their breeding season as well as when a family of possum stay in one place. Possums mostly use burrows used by other wildlife animals, though there are many cases where possums use man-made structures such as crawlspaces, under houses and basements. Possums don’t usually put much energy in their burrows and would just what is immediately available in their nearby territory.

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Bird removal in Sunnyvale Texas

There are many questions on the behaviors of birds. Most bird species are social in nature and likes to communicate with other birds by bird songs, calls and other auditory sounds. Birds usually communicate with others of their kind in their food search, breeding, flocking and migration. The sexual behaviors of birds are said to be monogamous during the mating season. However, there are a couple of female species said to be polygynous, with several male bird species being polyandrous in the mating behaviors. Most birds fertilize their eggs laying them in birds’ nest which the parent birds incubate.

Armadillo removal in Sunnyvale TX

Some of the important physical characteristic of the armadillo is its bands. For certain species like the nine banded armadillo, its usual number isn’t exactly nine for all the species. Some may vary with the number of bands and will usually range from eight to twelve, not just limited to nine bands. Also, the armadillos have similar teeth with those of the anteaters and sloths. These are small teeth, but with open roots and molar peg without the enamel.

Our wildlife animal trapping also include beaver, rats, skunk, armadillo, raccoons, birds, squirrel, bobcat, snakes, bats, opossum. In addition, we have Sunnyvale Texas wildlife professionals for rodent control, remove animal smell, clean animal droppings, dead animal retrieval, and block animal entry, decontamination, house damage restoration, sanitation.

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