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(Please call Willingboro NJ Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 609-877-3003)

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For assistance from Willingboro NJ wildlife removal professional, kindly call our number on the page. We provide cost effective solutions on common wildlife problems such as nuisance animal intrusions, dead animal body retrieval, clean up of waste and many more. Let one of our staff work on these procedures and avoid the mistake doing it yourself methods. Some people, in an effort to have some savings, end up spending more because the solution didn’t work (or only temporary). It would be more ideal to ask a professional on wildlife since they have experience on any eventuality.

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"Breidenhart (5)" Burlington County by Apc106. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

“Breidenhart (5)” Burlington County by Apc106. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Willingboro

Willingboro is comprised of majority land, with 7.7 square miles land and only 0.41 square miles of water. It is located within Burlington County with nearby municipalities that include Westampton, Delran, Edgewater, Burlington, Delanco, Moorestown and Mount Laurel. It has a rich and colorful history that begun in 1688 as an original of 9 divisions in Burlington. It was originally known as Wellingborough named after a town in England, a hometown of early settler Thomas Ollive. Throughout the century, it eventually settled into its present name due to evolving spellings passed by settlers. After the official establishment of New Jersey, the place became part of the first 104 townships in the state on 1798. Some of the communities within the town include Charleston, Bortons Landing and Cooperstown. Willingboro has several parks and open spaces in several divided sections namely Pennypacker Park, Rittenhouse Park, Martin’s Beach, Country Club Ridge, Buckingham Park and Millbrook Park.

Willingboro NJ wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal

What are the main food sources of New Jersey squirrels? These wildlife creatures prefer foods that are tasteful. Some of these nature items include conifers, seeds, walnuts, pecans, corn, fruits and also corn. They mostly prefer these than vegetation, leaves, plants and vegetables. There are times however when these food are scarce or non-existent. During a turn of season in Willingboro such as winter to spring, squirrel foods are not abundant. If squirrels have no choice and faced with hunger, they will start eating green vegetables.

Rat removal in Willingboro NJ

Rats have always been a problem in New Jersey just like nearby Manhattan and New York. It’s usually challenging to remove rats as other rats can easily follow the line of food and water source of other rats. Most of the time, home owners would just use quick instant solution like a sticky board or pad, but this really doesn’t work for long. In rat control, there always has to be a holistic approach, where removing the wild animal, prevention and repair often comes hand in hand.

Raccoon removal

There are many factors to be considered as soon as a raccoon in Willingboro is captured. The raccoon are not exterminated immediately as some people have thought. If it’s captured alive, it is still examined if the animal is healthy, ill or weak. The wildlife professional will also determine if the raccoon can still be rehabilitated with medicines or nourishment. Wildlife companies In New Jersey mostly relocate healthy raccoons to natural habitats of wildlife preserve or forest far from the city.

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Bat removal in Willingboro NJ

Opened windows in early mornings can actually allow bats to enter an apartment or building. Bats are nocturnal, but they do find a shelter as soon as the sun comes up. In early morning, when the sun rises, these flying mammals are said to start seeking a refuge where they can use as roost as they rest for the day. Mostly bats have roosts spread out in their immediate territory, but if the sun is already up, they can seek new roosts in houses by entering in opened windows and also chimneys.

We also remove other New Jersey wildlife animals like groundhog, mice, rodent, squirrel, rats, opossum, snake, skunk, termite, bat, chipmunks, raccoon, woodchuck. We also have Willingboro wildlife professional work that include dead animal removal, sanitation, house damage restoration, animal feces clean up, remove animal foul odor, decontamination, sealing of entry points.

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