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(Please call Pemberton NJ Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 609-723-8300)

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Get in touch with Pemberton NJ wildlife removal experts on squirrel trapping, rat control, bat exclusion, raccoon removal and rodent control by dialing our wildlife hotline. We have specialists on the common nuisance animals that intrude houses, buildings, estates, apartments and businesses in Pemberton New Jersey. We understand the need for cost effective solutions on wildlife problems and can provide an agency’s required wildlife trapping and animal removal.

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"Pemberton borough, NJ" by Mr. Matté. CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

“Pemberton borough, NJ” by Mr. Matté. CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Pemberton

Pemberton was founded in 1826, with several portions taken from Northampton and Hanover. It was named from James Pemberton, a landlord and property owner in the area. Located in Burlington County, it is popularly known to be a ‘dry community’ where no alcohol is sold as legislated in 1980. This small town is being served by the New Jersey Transit on Route 317 between Philadelphia and Asbury Park.

Pemberton NJ wildlife removal company

Skunk removal

For the skunk, did you know the scientific term given to this wildlife animal is Spilogale putorius? There are many variants of skunks in Pemberton, with the spotted skunk being the most common species seen in the country. This animal has several names such as pole cat and civet cat. These species is quite small and a bit slender compared to other skunk species, just a bit larger than an average squirrel. One of the identifying physical characteristic of this New Jersey skunk is its jet black fur, with white horizontal striped, around 4 to 5 lines that runs from its neck, shoulders and back.

Bat removal in Pemberton NJ

Since bats are flying mammals, the upper floors of establishments and building structures are the common entry way for the nocturnal animal. They most likely enter early in the morning after their feeding frenzy during the night. Bats can quickly settle in and cling into ceilings and roof to rest. The wildlife animal usually isn’t noticed immediately. It can also enter a certain house for a day, and then roost in other households in New Jersey in the next few days, and then may return again. Otherwise there are incidents bats stay for long and started leaving wastes.

Squirrel removal

Squirrels in Pemberton are known voracious eaters of nuts, where they prefer food sources like pecan nuts, walnuts, peanuts and other nut varieties. They may also reach for grains, fruits as well as seeds. They are not known to consume green leafy vegetables as they have trouble digesting cellulose. With regards to meat, not all New Jersey squirrels eat animal matter. Though some squirrel sub species may eat small young birds, eggs and small baby rodents.

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Raccoon removal in Pemberton NJ

A raccoon inside a house, using a crawlspace as its den usually bring anxiety to home owners. Most of the time, the raccoon may have started leaving droppings, wastes and urine markings in their den. If the raccoon den is directly inside the house, this is notably a health and sanitary concern. Raccoons in New Jersey are wildlife animals that roam the forest and omnivorous in their diet, so the creatures mostly consume vegetation and mammals exposed to zoonotic viruses and pathogens. Most likely it has bacteria in its saliva, urine and feces.

We also remove other wildlife animals in Pemberton like mouse, chipmunks, skunk, rats, woodchuck, snake, bat, squirrel, groundhog, termite, mice, raccoon, opossum, rodent. For other full New Jersey wildlife company work, we have home restoration, get rid of wildlife odor, sanitation, clean animal wastes, dead animal removal, decontamination, sealing of animal entry, clean animal droppings.

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