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Get in touch with a Lake Asbury FL wildlife removal company for help on the handling of dangerous wildlife species like squirrels, armadillo, honey bees, snakes, fox, nutria, bats, rats, and deer. Don’t put off for the next day a problem which a wildlife animal may bring. The animals are not like your pet dog or cat. Wildlife creatures are untamed and can even cause harm to people. You certainly don’t want that to happen to you or to a person you know. Call us today for removal of wildlife animals.

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Lake AsburyWildlife in Lake Asbury

Lake Asbury is made up of majority of land with 17 square miles land, with only 0.27 square miles water (1.5%). It is thirty miles of Jacksonville and around thirteen miles of Orange Park. Located in the northern middle part of Clay County, it is adjacent to water reservoir of the same name. The Ronnie Van Zant Park is the city’s main park, trail and playground for residents and tourists

Lake Asbury FL wildlife removal

Squirrel removal in Lake Asbury FL

Squirrels can gain access inside your household by jumping into the roof from a nearby tree branch. They can jump as high as ten feet. So, even a building or a 3-4 floor structure is vulnerable to squirrel entry. If there are trees around your place, these needs to be trim to a distance as far back from window, roof or balcony. Wildlife companies can do this for you and suggest further proofing applications.

Raccoon removal in Lake Asbury FL

Depending on the raccoon’s population density in a region or state, the animal can have a certain home range where it can freely roam. Except breeding season, raccoons are believed to be solitary animals. The raccoon typically have around 48 to 95 acres as their home range. Aside from the raccoon population, the gender, age and size of a raccoon also comes in play. The season of a state or place also determines the distance of a raccoon’s home range.

Fox removal in Lake Asbury Florida

Distributed in most continents, the fox that belongs to the genus Vulpes has been referred as the ‘true fox’ species. This is the common family mostly seen in North America. Vulpes is part of the monophyletic family which said to have around 12 species.

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Muskrat removal in Lake Asbury

Even if muskrats have a tail which is flat (like a beaver), it is more within the likes of rats, hence the name ‘muskrats’. Other sources for its name are ‘muscascus’, a word from Algonquian which means ‘red’. Another source is from ‘musky’ which refers to the odor the muskrat marks on its territory.

Deer removal in Lake Asbury

The name of the animal ‘deer’ first meant as a ‘wildlife animal’ of any species. The meaning was broad that it can be animal that can be found in the wild. Eventually, modern English languages started to specifically define a ‘deer’ according to its physical traits, with names to corresponding sub-species. Some of the most common variants of deer in the U.S. are elk, mule, roe deer, chital and reindeer.

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We also provide wildlife control of nutria, deer, foxes, bees, birds, squirrels, coyotes, armadillos, bats, raccoons, moles, opossums, snakes, wild hogs and honey bees management.

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Lake Asbury FL wildlife removal
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